Syrian Lives Matter – But Only When It Fits The Agenda Of Making DJT Look Bad

first published on April 10, 2017 by

Much like the Black Lives Matter movement, there is a new trend in town. Using death to push your political and personal agenda.

Anyone who has been on the internet for the past week has seen the current media firestorm. A chemical weapon attack was conducted by a debatable source in the city of Khan Shaykhun in Idlib, Syria on Tuesday, April 4, 2017. This attack was largely reported on, but barely made it into the trending news section of places like Google, Facebook, and Twitter after it happened even though many civilians, including women and children, were killed.

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Following this, the internet went back to its usual volatile self. Memes were shared, videos liked, politics argued, and overall the general time wastery of social media returned to normal and a Pepsi advertisement was deemed too offensive and had to be pulled. More information on the attack was released, and all signs at the time pointed to the Syrian Government conducting the attack. No big deal. It’s not like they haven’t been dropping barrel bombs full of Chlorine on civilians since late 2016 anyways.

The very next day, the President of the United States made the decision to have the United States Navy conduct a massive Tomahawk Cruise Missile strike against the base that the American Intelligence community believed was the point of origin for the attack. On Thursday, April 6, 2017, the internet reignited in an intense backdraft for fear of a looming war with Russia.


All of a sudden, out of absolutely nowhere, a civil war that started March 15, 2011 started to matter again for a short period of time. Information started flowing at the cyclic rate, as every “Middle Eastern Studies Expert” that has only spent one week in Dubai came out of the woodwork to write an article that would make the President of the United States look like a rogue actor that broke international law.

Headlines were twisted into a state that would incite panic, outrage, and drive comment engagement in an unknown social media algorithm that would promote clicks to get your eyeballs on advertisements for dish soap. At one point, America had for sure blasted Russians on Shayrat airbase and caused World War 3. At another point, there was a hyper advanced Russian naval vessel charging straight towards the U.S. Navy with the intent to sink the ships and massacre the crews. In another article, the U.N. had released an official statement condemning the actions of Donald J. Trump and proving that the rebels that the Americans were supporting used the chemical weapons on civilians. All of these articles were proven to be grossly out of context, and confused more people than they actually informed.

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Bringing us to our point for the article. Mainstream Media is sticking to their guns of using civilian casualties in a conflict to push their editor’s political agendas. It’s all the rage right now, as a writer, to make the current POTUS look like he has done something wrong. In this retaliatory attack, which was conducted based off of information the intelligence community had gathered, the media now has a shiny new weapon to use in their internet war against the POTUS.

Much like how black lives matter only when a black man is killed by a police officer, Syrian lives matter when the death of a Syrian can be used to make Donald Trump look like the bad guy. Need further proof of this fact? Look at the amount of “Who’s who in Syria,” articles and videos you are seeing in your social media feeds since the attack happened. No one knows who is who, but they want to enter every conversation as if they know every faction, tribe, and battalion’s reason for fighting in the conflict. The truth of this situation is so twisted however, that there is no way anyone can truly claim to know exactly who everyone is. Hell, even some of the fighters on the ground show confusion at who their allies and enemies are at times.

The world lost interest in the Syrian Civil War several years ago. When a Syrian civilian is killed by a barrel bomb dropped by the Assad Regime from a helicopter, no one cares. In fact, here’s a video of some barrel bombs full of chlorine being dropped on civilians that we published a while back. We were some of the only people that reported on it. Not news-worthy though, because this happened during the Obama Administration, and we had bigger social justice issues to fry, like stopping Donald Trump, and “being with her.”

Now, we can’t say for sure who exactly is responsible for the chemical attacks in Syria. Our sources, and personal beliefs, are leading and pointing to Al-Nusra, because groups like this are smart, and they know a false-flag would force the hands of the international community to get involved.

The intelligence community however, seems to believe that the Assad Regime is responsible which isn’t too out of character for them in the first place as they are notorious for exerting their power on the people to prove that they are in control. The intelligence community has far more resources and contacts than we do, so in this instance we’ll need to take their word for it until they release that information to the general public for review. “Reputable news sources” however, are exempt from this rule and can make up whatever nonsense they wish.

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In the interim, we’ll need to sit on our hands and watch from the side lines. The only real success the media has had with this entire situation, is getting people interested and actively engaged in what is happening on the world stage again. Do yourselves a favor from here on how out, read past the headlines of every article that gets you fired up. Click through to the links and fact check the authors, ourselves included, on everything that doesn’t seem right. Be an active reader and member of the conversation, not just another passive outraged voice that shares incorrect and improperly worded headlines to fit an agenda. We owe the people dying every day in war-torn places like Syria that at the very least.


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