Massive IED Detonates Right Next To Mounted Patrol

first published on January 8, 2016 by

A joint patrol in Baghdad is interrupted when a massive IED detonates right next to one of the patrol’s gun-trucks.

There isn’t anything quite like that pucker factor you have driving down a road you know is full of IEDs. You’re trained from day one before deployment that any and all out of place garbage or items is probably an IED. Then you get to country, and there is nothing but garbage and random items laying everywhere you drive.

After the IED detonates we see the patrol push through the danger area, and change to an alternate route. This was a smart move by the patrol leader, as it allows the patrol to continue, and throws the enemy off of the future path of the convoy. This in turn prevents the enemy from being able to effectively front lay IEDs on the convoy’s route.

Massive Explosion

It was not an uncommon practice for convoys to get front laid on their routes. What I mean by front laid is, the insurgency would quickly determine all possible routes of the convoy, and then go forward and dig in IEDs. This tactic essentially defeated any intelligence the convoy may have had before leaving the wire.