Massive House Borne IED Detonated By 500lb Bomb

first published on January 30, 2016 by

Dismounted troops on patrol discover a house filled with explosives rigged to blow. Instead of calling EOD, they use an F16 to blow the house.

A dismounted patrol near Zambraniyah, Iraq discover a building loaded with explosives, and wired to explode. Instead of risking an EOD team disabling the device, the decision is made to blow the IED in place. Later, as the troops sit on a cordon to keep the area safe, an F16 arrives to destroy the device.

A 500 pound GPS guided bomb is dropped on the building. When it explodes, it cooks off the rest of the explosives in the house causing a massive explosion.

Note: Sound has been redacted to protect Operational Security, and call-signs that are still in use.


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