Mortar Strike Causes Mass Casualty Event Inside SAA Military Academy

first published on January 24, 2017 by

A drone records an accurate mortar strike inside of the SAA military academy, causing an actual mass casualty event for training troops.

At the Assad Military Academy, SAA troops train before heading out to the front lines in the on-going civil war in Syria. As a group of training soldiers is returning from a training event, they find themselves under accurate mortar fire. It is hard to get an actual count of soldiers that are wounded or killed in the attack, but it appears as if 8 troops become casualties in some capacity during the attack.

As the drone continues to record the mayhem, it looks like an ant hill has been kicked. The soldiers who were once retreating return to the aid of their dead and wounded to begin carting them off. The Army of Mujaheddin (FSA extremist faction) took responsibility for the attacks shortly after posting a 4k version of this video to YouTube, which was swiftly removed from the website.

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