Marksmanship Video Reveals The Techniques Of ISIS

first published on January 11, 2016 by

The secret has been leaked! In this video we find out exactly how to shoot like a traditional Mujaheddin warrior from the middle east!

Have you ever wondered exactly why it is that we so many strange firing techniques coming out of the middle east? Are you curious to know why holding your AK-47 above your head, and blind firing over a wall is considered effective? Well the answer isn’t a lack of official military training, or war-fighting prowess.

With us today is John, or Ishmael as the brothers call him. He’s here to give you a period of instruction on Middle Eastern Marksmanship. Pay close attention to his attire, technique, and method of instruction. The tactics you are about to learn will explain everything you once thought was ineffective.

After watching this video, I feel absolutely enlightened, and I hope you do as well. Every strange firing technique I’ve reviewed in the past, now makes sense. I feel like a jerk for poking fun at them. It’s a good thing brother Ishmael is around to clarify things for us.

T-72 Short Work video

Now when we see these types of techniques used, we will know that brother Ishmael’s instructions were indeed followed by his brothers.


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