Marines Hammer Taliban With Barrett .50, M240B, and Mortars

first published on August 13, 2019 by

240s, .50s and 60s, oh my! I was scrolling through my feed when I came across this video and had a true “Oh Sh!t, that’s my boy,” moment at the 3:28 mark when my old platoon-mate is blasting away on the Barrett .50 cal. I called him up and got some background on the video.


“We were doing a lot of missions where we’d get helo’d in around the Kajaki district. [The reporters] were out with a different company and they jumped on with us because they didn’t have a story yet and as soon as we got to the second compound we started taking fire.

They started hitting us from every side and it was really hard to see where they were shooting from because we couldn’t see any muzzle flashes until one of them messed up and I was able to see dirt fly up from a mud hut. Then we gave out the ADDRAC and I started shooting and we got [mortars] on target.”

Fox Co. 2/5 ran a couple more missions after this video before they began breaking down Camp Leatherneck in 2012. ~Logan


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