Marines Repel Close Taliban Attack With Combined Arms

first published on October 25, 2015 by

US Marines with 1st Battalion, 6th Marines repel an enemy assault, while establishing a new patrol base in an abandoned compound.

When US Marines get tested by the enemy, they respond in the only way they know how. They repel the enemy assault with overwhelming firepower and send a clear, concise message: “Do not test us.”

This footage taken in Potay, Sangin District, Afghanistan is a small taste of the dangers these warriors faced daily. On a small operation to establish a PB within a Taliban controlled area the Marines immediately come under fire. Not phased, and surely not surprised by this contact the Marines respond in the language of their people. Overwhelming, accurate suppressing fire, followed by a dose of steel rain.

Repel Sangin

The Sangin District was a living Hell for the Marines who fought there. The AO was known by the entirety of the Marine Corps as the most kinetic location in all of Helmand Province. In the face of adversity the Marines Corps fought day in, and day out to establish security throughout this area of operations. Unflinching professionalism, and pure dedication to duty pushed these men through some of the roughest days of the GWOT.


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