Marines Level Afghan Bazaar Full Of IEDs

first published on May 1, 2016 by

Marines from 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion participate in Operation Black Sand to defeat the IED threat around the Ladar Bazaar.

The Marine Corps, assisted by the Republic of Georgia’s 33rd Light Infantry Battalion, took part in Operation Black Sand during a 2011 deployment to Afghanistan. The operation, based out of Combat Outpost Shukvani, was lead by 2nd CEB to clear the Ladar Bazaar of IEDs.

The IED threat in the area was so intense that in most instances it was safer for the Marines to use line charges to cause the sympathetic detonation of the devices, instead of searching for them individually.

During the operation, 2nd CEB launched a total of 35 line charges. Each line charge consisted of 1,750 pounds of C4 along a 350 – foot rope. The video below is one of these line charges in action during Operation Black Sand.