Marines Give Full Honors To Combat-Erotica

first published on November 12, 2015 by

Golf Company of 2/9 Marines were at the end of their tour at FOB Eagle, and the time had come to dispose of the filthy contraband. What better way to do that than a solemn ceremony with full honors?

“We gather here today to honor the eternal memory of the women who have sacrificed selflessly for the good of those that have suffered sexual repression due to geographic isolation…We salute you, O’ princess-of-the-page.”

Is deployment smut still against the General Orders? I remember when they repealed the ‘no sex overseas’ rule, and it would only be fair that they repeal the porn-ban because a lot of us weren’t POGs that had anyone other than off-limits, indigenous women for miles. I came home from Afghanistan with over 90 gigs, and none of that was large HD files. Yikes.


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