Marines Get Gassed Out During Defensive Training

first published on March 13, 2019 by

Marines from 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division aboard Camp Lejeune get gassed out during a defensive operation.

gas 65

Productive realistic rehearsals are the foundation of strong military operations anywhere in the world. In order for Soldiers and Marines to be effectively trained, they need to encounter realistic scenarios in controlled environments so that they can practice the fundamentals of any operation. While annual gas mask training inside of a gas chamber provides an administrative check in the box for gas mask qualification, some infantry units take this one step further to ensure their Soldiers and Marines are capable of donning protective equipment under stress.

What you are about to see is a company sized element of U.S. Marines from 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines holding a defensive position. An operation like this is best performed in a force on force situation where company commanders are pitted against each other, one on defense, and one on attack. The attacking company commander has access to a CBRN attack against the opposing company in the form of chlorobenzalmalononitrile gas, better known as CS gas, which he can then use to initiate an attack against the fumbling force. A well trained company will be prepared for the CBRN attack already, and unfazed by its attempt.

Allowing units to train in the manner checks administrative boxes required by higher headquarters, allows Marines and Soldiers to get productive realistic rehearsals with their seldom used equipment, and puts them into a field a environment where they pit their skills against one another in order to grow as a cohesive unit. It also promotes inner-unit rivalry, which pushes each company sized unit to train harder in order to be known as the better company, which all around improves the lethality and combat prowess of the individual units all the way down to the fire-team level.


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