Marines Engage Japanese Soldiers In Close Combat (Enemy Visible)

first published on May 10, 2017 by

Combat Footage coming from Tarawa in 1944 shows U.S. Marines engaging Japanese Soldiers in close combat during the Pacific Campaign of World War Two.

Newsreel footage shows the United States Marines engaging entrenched Japanese soldiers in extremely close combat during the Battle for Tarawa in 1944. The footage is a close look into the realities of the Second World War, where troops are firing at, and receiving fire from, the enemy at very short distances.

While the newsreel team that put the footage together did edit in some rather silly sound effects at points, the footage itself still remains solid and intact. While we lose more and more of the survivors of these battles every day to old age, it is important that we continue to preserve this historic footage. It will soon be all we have left to remember the conflicts these men fought in.


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