Marines Crack Jokes During A Firefight That Ends With A Bang

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A group of Marines, who may have been in it just a little to long, exhibit some true commando humor during a gunfight.

Sometimes there just isn’t anything you can do about the current situation you are in. Your only task is to standby and either wait for a target to present itself, or standby and do absolutely nothing. These are the best times to crack jokes, and make light of terrible situations.

That’s exactly what these Marines do.

Warning: This video contains graphic language that may not be suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Terrible accents aside, it’s good to see these guys keeping their spirits high under stress. Commando humor is probably the best way to keep yourself sane under these circumstances. Maintaining the ability to smile, and have a good joke about a situation, is key to combating the mental stress of war.

Commando humor is part of the Royal Marine Ethos. It is defined as:

One of the commando qualities is cheerfulness in the face of adversity. Although apparently superfluous, humour is extremely important to the operational effectiveness of the Royal Marines. Commando units will of necessity find themselves in extremely trying operational circumstances in which death or injury are likely. A sense of humour allows Royal Marines to operate in these circumstances by coming to terms with the dangers they face. It is important to recognise how humour allows individuals to face danger.

This style of humor however, is not just limited to the British Royals. I believe any individual who has stared in the face of adversity, has used this to maintain some semblance of sanity.

Marines Commando Humor


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