Marine Receives Purple Heart For Surviving Headshot In Afghanistan

first published on September 17, 2018 by

A Marine in Afghanistan has just been awarded the Purple Heart after recently surviving a headshot according to a Marine Corps Times article quoting a Task Force Southwest spokeswoman.


According to reports, the Marine’s helmet took the brunt of the bullet, but he still received a significant knock warranting medical attention. However, the Marine returned to duty just days after being hit.

Earlier reports indicated that the Marine was “put in” for the award, but it wasn’t definite that he would receive it, considering the Marines in the AO are regularly under hostile fire but not receiving Combat Action Ribbons (CAR).

The Marine is part of a 300 man advisor element known as Task Force Southwest that is currently embedded with the 2nd Brigade of the Afghan National Army’s 215th Corps at Forward Operating Base Nolay to train and assist the indigenous troops.

The following video, recorded in August of 2018, shows Task Force Southwest Marines working hand in hand with senior leadership of an Afghan National Army unit that is currently providing security in the Sangin District.


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