Marine Gets Shot In Neck, Buddy Saves His Life – Warning Graphic

first published on September 30, 2015 by

This video showing a wounded Marine being treated by his team in Afghanistan had been floating around the web for a few years without a description, until we shared it with the Funker530 community. That’s when I saw the comment, “Hah I’m in this”.

A few minutes after we originally posted this video on the Funker530 Facebook page, we also got the comment, “Hey these guys are badasses. My Marines took care of me and I did the best I could for them. Thank Phil, Brandon, and Matt, they were the real bad asses that day!”

Shortly after, we received messages from both Marines wounded in the video. They explained that the wounded Marine hit in the neck was the corpsman, and just off screen another Marine had been shot in the head. Thanks to the quick work of their team, they explained that they had both made full recoveries from their injuries.

At 2:14 in the video you can see a perfect example of what needs to be done to actually stop the bleeding of a gunshot wound. The gauze is packed deep into the wound channel left by the 7.62 round, which does far more to control bleeding than just applying pressure externally.

At 2:24 another Marine calls out, “Bumpy is hit in the head.” Without giving it a second thought, the wounded corpsman tells the guys working on him to leave him, and “go help Bumpy”.

Personally, I think this video is one that needs to be seen by everyone, to show exactly what our men are volunteering to go through overseas for their country and brothers. This is also a great example of why it’s important for everyone in the platoon to have medical skills greater than just first-aid.

Thank you to Cader and Brandon for allowing us to share their story, and for sending us the details on what happened to them that day. Your sacrifices and bravery will not be forgotten.


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