Marine Steve Irwin Spots Recon Marines In Action

first published on January 27, 2016 by

The Buffalo Hunter is back again, and this time he has spotted a group of Recon Marines in their natural habitat.

The Recon Marine, or Reconus Maximus, is an extra amphibious creature of the Marinus genome. Today, we are proud to bring you footage from The Buffalo Hunter, who tracked these guys all the way to one of the pools on Camp Pendleton.

One point brought up here, is the alleged amphibious nature of Marines everywhere. Any Marine who has ever done swim-qual, or the helo-dunker, or any other type of pool training will laugh at this. While the very nature of the word Marine points towards the institutions amphibious background, it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Recon Float

Specifically I can recall my first trip to the helo-dunker aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii. I was a young PFC, about 19 years old, and I was under the impression that all of my senior Marines and leadership were pretty much Gods. Up to this point, I had never seen any of them panic, or back down from any challenge. Then I saw them get flipped upside down inside of a mock CH-53.

Marines are supposed to be amphibious by nature. While that is true for some, it’s definitely not a universal statement.


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