Marine Steve Irwin Spots Navy SEALs In His AO

first published on November 4, 2015 by

The Buffalo Hunter is a Marine Steve Irwin who travels around Camp Pendleton documenting base life.

This Marine Steve Irwin, also known as The Buffalo Hunter, is a young Infantry Marine aboard Camp Pendleton, California. Since July of 2015, he has traveled around the base sharing his adventures with the people of the world via Facebook, and Youtube. Let’s see what happens when this young, military enthusiast comes into contact with Navy SEALs.

The Buffalo hunter started doing Irwin impersonations in July of 2015, when a herd of Bison appeared on the range his unit was training on. “One of them was just chilling in the dirt and I knew I had to capture the moment somehow. So I thought how better than to do a Steve Irwin impression.” He then proceeded to spontaneously document the situation in his best Steve Irwin voice. The video quickly went viral receiving almost 3 million views, and The Buffalo Hunter was born.

Irwin Marine

All of the content produced by The Buffalo Hunter is recorded, for the most part, on the spot. As his page continues to grow he intends to continue doing Steve Irwin impersonations to random military situations. The Marine Irwin has the full support of his brother Marines, to include elements of his command who also fully support and enjoy his comedic take on life.

Buffalo Hunter wanted me to end this post with a message, as he is currently on emergency leave for a death in his family. Here it is. “Keeping a positive mental attitude is everything. Never let the bad things drag you down, sure anytime bad things happen it sucks. But you can never let it win. Keep your head up and have faith in yourself. If you stay positive outwardly and inwardly, it’ll infect everyone around you, which will improve the quality of you and your men. Do what you can to help everyone else have a better day.”

Buffalo Hunter


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