Marine Scout Sniper Fires On Insurgents In Iraq

first published on December 5, 2015 by

A Marine scout sniper fires on enemy insurgents that are attacking his position.

Scout snipers are known for their professionalism, and prowess in combat. This Marine is no exception to that image whatsoever. From the moment he steps onto that post with his rifle, he is on a mission. That mission is to kill the insurgents attacking his position.

Even with all of the banter, yelling, and general nonsense happening directly behind him, this sniper maintains his cool. His concentration is absolute as he continuously scans for targets, and takes well aimed shots at an insurgent’s position. The only time he really breaks from scanning is to feed the Marines behind him updates.

Pictured is the window in question that the sniper is firing into.

Scout Window

If you are interested in learning more about the Marine Corps Scout Snipers you can watch the documentary listed below. It’s a little bit longer, but it speaks in depth about the Marine Corps and their sniper program. This documentary entitled “One Shot, One Kill” is definitely worthy of putting on your watch later list if you don’t have the time to watch it right now.


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