Marine Recon Team Dropping Talibs in Sangin with the Big Guns

first published on July 28, 2018 by

Marines from 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, Company B, engage Taliban fighters from their patrol base in Sangin, Afghanistan during Operation Eastern Endeavor.

Sangin 235324

If there is one group of Marines you absolutely do not want to be on the receiving end of, it’s the Marines from a Reconnaissance Battalion. Members of the Taliban in Sangin found this out the hard way when they found themselves on the dangerous end of a shooting gallery created by a Marine Recon team at their patrol base. You can view more footage from Recon Marines in Afghanistan by clicking this link, which will lead you to another story where Recon Marines react to an ambush from the Taliban in the same area of operations.

Using the entire arsenal of the Marine Corps that was available to them at the time, the Recon Marines immediately report contact and go to work with their big guns. M240 Bravo medium machine guns, M203 grenade launchers, Squad Automatic Weapons, M4 service rifles, and even a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle are turned in the direction of the Talibs, and their enemy quickly discovers that a planned attack against the Recon Marines is in fact, an absolutely terrible decision.

The Sangin District was a living Hell for the Marines who fought there. The AO was known by the entirety of the Marine Corps as the most kinetic location in all of Helmand Province. In the face of adversity the Marines Corps fought day in, and day out to establish security throughout the area of operations. Unflinching professionalism, and pure dedication to duty pushed these men through some of the roughest days of the Global War on Terror. The following footage comes to Funker530 Courtesy of the United States Marine Corps, and Corporal William J. Faffler.


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