Marine Awarded Silver Star for Mission to Save Trapped Troops in Vietnam

first published on February 6, 2019 by

Major Edward F. Wright was awarded the Silver Star on February 1, 2019, for actions taken on Aug. 21, 1967 during his time in Vietnam.

Silver Star

As a young second lieutenant with Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines, Edward F. Wright led a small reactionary force of 30 men against a well-entrenched North Vietnamese Force that had ambushed an Army convoy. During the ambush, his company’s relief force was also pinned down by the superior force of North Vietnamese fighters, leaving his platoon that was over two miles away from the ambush site as the only force in the area capable of responding.

Without any hesitation on his part, then Lieutenant Wright gathered his men and began a 2 mile tactical movement towards the ambush site. Every member of his platoon could hear the gunfight they were about to walk into, and not a single man hesitated. After giving the order to fix bayonets, Wright positioned his men in concealment and assaulted forward to the besieged Soldiers and Marines, clearing enemy positions as they advanced with accurate small arms fire and grenades.

The video below is an interview that was conducted with Edward Wright after he was awarded the Silver Star. He talks at length about the actions his men took that day, and what was required of them in order to accomplish their mission. The video was created by Sgt. Andy Martinez at Marine Forces Reserve.


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