Marine Attacked At Southern Border: Shots Fired

first published on June 3, 2019 by

A Marine deployed to the US-Mexico border reported being attacked by three unidentified individuals and was forced to fire a shot to defend himself last week.

A crew of two Marines and one Border Patrol agent were operating a mobile surveillance system in California approximately 7.5 miles from the border when the vehicle’s monitor malfunctioned.

The Border Patrol agent and one Marine left the site temporarily, leaving a single Marine to man the system with no surveillance capabilities. According to the report, the door of the vehicle suddenly opened and three men burst in, attacking the Marine and attempting to take his service pistol.

During the struggle the Marine discharged his firearm, and the bullet struck an infrared display mounted inside the vehicle. At that point, the attackers reportedly ran off. Authorities say there was no blood and it is believed that no one was injured in the altercation. The incident is still under investigation.

While I don’t want to doubt this Marine’s integrity, nor do I doubt the severity of the degraded security situation at the border, but this almost seems like it could be an elaborate fabrication for the sake of covering up a negligent discharge of a service pistol by a bored Marine.


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