Marawi City Update: NRATV Documents the Last Pockets of Resistance

first published on September 15, 2017 by

NRATV crew documents the last pockets of resistance inside Marawi City. As the fighting continues, abuses under the shrinking Islamic State occupation become cruelly apparent.


NRATV reporter Chuck Holton delivers an up-close look at the fighting still raging inside Mindanao’s Marawi City. The “Maute”, or the Islamic State group who took control of the city earlier this year, have been pushed into their final pockets of resistance by the Philippine Military. Though cornered, the IS militants have stiffly resisted and have required heavy firepower such as airstrikes and indirect weapons to end the occupation. The sound of aircraft and rumble of heavy gunfire lingers in the background throughout the entire report. The crew even accidentally sets up too close to the action, and is quickly chased off a roof by incoming fire. The report continues with details of the many difficulties faced by the military and the civilian population caught in this violent and politically far-reaching uprising.


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