Marawi Hero: The Courage of Captain Rommel Sandoval

first published on February 7, 2018 by

Here is a great video highlighting the courage and sacrifice of Philippines Army Officer Captain Rommel Sandoval.

Sandoval was the commander of the 11th Scout Ranger Company, during the intense Battle for Marawi. He had promised to not lose a single one of his troops during the fight, and had so far made good on his promise.

The remaining ISIS fighters had been pushed back into defensive positions, and on September 10th, Sandoval’s unit was given a mission to retake a five-story building that the Islamists were using as a headquarters.

They began clearing it from the top down, and as they neared the bottom, they met heavy resistance. One of the commander’s troops was badly wounded, and the insurgents were using him as bait to try and kill other soldiers attempting to retrieve him.

Sandoval made an attempt to recover his wounded soldier, and as he did, he was shot multiple times. He decided that if he couldn’t drag his brother to safety, he would cover him with his own body to shield him from additional bullets.

He died while shielding his wounded comrade, and he succeeded in saving the man’s life. Captain Sandoval was the highest ranking Scout Ranger to die during the Battle for Marawi, and he is remembered as a hero.