SAA Making Gains in Humaymah

first published on August 19, 2017 by

The SAA makes gains against the shrinking ISIS caliphate in the hills outside Humaymah. Video captures IS fighters and SAA troops in the same frame, battling over a ridgeline.

In recent days, the SAA has captured the hills surrounding the strategic town of Humaymah, near the Syrian-Iraq border. The SAA appears to be continuing operations aimed at Deir ez-Zor, which could potentially cut the Islamic State in two and separate Syria from Iraq. With SAA heavy weapons now taking positions in the hills, Humaymah is expected to fall quickly.

The video shows SAA troops advancing through the countryside and then towards a ridgeline with several dug-out ISIS positions. SAA infantry dismounts from a BMP and begin advancing up the hill. ISIS fighters can immediately be seen moving around just above the SAA troops and are engaged with heavy weapons from a support-by-fire. The SAA infantry take what cover they can and additionally begin suppressing the numerous ISIS fighters. They stage a gutsy attempt to throw grenades into the position, but initially fail to dislodge the defenders.


The ISIS fighters, now realizing how precarious their position is, aggressively yet idiotically expose themselves while firing back at their attackers. The SAA support-by-fire position provides semi-adequate suppression at the obvious targets, while several troops cautiously inch forward. This initiates a close exchange of small-arms fire and the SAA troops are thwarted once again. Pulling back their infantry, the SAA increases the volume of heavy weapons fire on the ridge and the two slides slug it out for several minutes.

Finally, the ISIS positions blink first and make a break for it behind the ridge and out of view. The SAA infantry then capture and consolidate both dug-out positions on the ridge. The video concludes with them engaging the fleeing and unseen ISIS defenders.


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