Machine Gun Massacre Caught On Video

first published on February 7, 2016 by

As the Russian-baked pro-Assad forces continue to expel opposition fighters from the neighborhoods of Eastern Ghouta, let’s take a look back to a brutal massacre that occurred against Assad forces at the hands of the rebels.

A brutal massacre on a company sized element of Syrian regime troops is carried out and recorded by Islamist rebels in Eastern Ghouta.

The video produced and uploaded by Jaysh al Islam (Army of Islam), which is the last remaining insurgent group still fighting in Eastern Ghouta, more specifically the neighborhood of Douma.

Ahrar al-Sham and the Rahman Corps rebel groups have recently surrendered their arms and have been getting bussed out of the region to rebel-held Idlib in northern Syria, as part of the Russian-brokered deal.

Although the pro-Assad forces are most likely going to face these opposition fighters again, it will be on a battlefield much further away from the capital city of Damascus.

The following video shows rebel forces using automatic weapons to mow down multiple Syrian troops. It is unclear whether the troops were in retreat or were prisoners being forced to run a gauntlet of execution fire by the jihadists. Regardless of the context, this video accurately highlights the brutality of war.


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