Lucky Marine Survives Being Shot In The Head

first published on January 3, 2016 by

Three Marines get lucky after a Taliban round impacts the helmet of a Marine that is in the center of a tight stack.

Marines conducting an operation in Afghanistan are taking a tactical pause inside of a compound. After they gather their senses, they make the decision to continue advancing on the enemy. While standing in a doorway, waiting for fires to pick up on the enemy, all three Marines get very lucky.

On top of all three Marines getting very lucky, they maintained their composure perfectly. Judging from where the round impacted on top of the center Marine’s helmet, the round passed over the first Marines shoulder, and didn’t ricochet into the Marine at the rear. Their reaction to this “OH SH!T” moment was near flawless.

Marine gets lucky

They exited the funnel, and got out of the line of fire as fast as they could. After that, all three Marines assessed themselves, rechecked their surroundings, and then took a deep breath. Realizing that there was no injuries to report, they call to higher and inform them of where the fire came from.

Next, it’s back to business as usual. Just another day at the dusty office known as Afghanistan for these Marines.


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