Insanely Low Pass by South African Attack Helicopter

first published on February 12, 2018 by

A South African pilot flying a Rooivalk attack helicopter shows off his nerve and his chops – Making an insanely low pass just a few feet off the ground and splitting several antenna arrays at a high rate of speed.

The impressive display of control and skill is flown by a South African Air Force Denel AH-2 Rooivalk attack helicopter.

The pilot certainly knows his aircraft, as he effortlessly skims the arid landscape just a few feet off the ground. Inbound towards an apparent communications or observation site, he banks slightly left and right on through several erected antenna arrays.

The rotors now just a few insane feet away from the equipment and desert floor. The tense few moments pass quickly, as the Rooivalk just sails on through. The ice-cold pilot behind the stick makes the maneuver look easy, almost routine. However, it’s extremely close; like so close you really wonder how this guy’s balls aren’t dragging behind the airframe.

Having confidence in your abilities is an asset to all warfighters. Consistent and realistic training is a leading factor to that type of confidence. Whether it’s the confidence a rifleman achieves through repeatedly disassembling and assembling his weapon, or in this case, a helicopter pilot who pushes his aircraft to its absolute extremes. This guy certainly has that skill and confidence, and hopefully a flight suit that fits.

How low would you go?


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