Incredible Long Range Head Shot With Heavy Machine Gun?!?!

first published on December 3, 2017 by

A couple-year-old video from the 1st Coastal Division Syrian rebel group appears to show a lucky machine gunner land an incredible long range head shot on a running regime soldier.

The video shows an insurgent firing a 12.7x108mm Chinese W-85 heavy machine gun at a distant hilltop where pro Assad forces can be seen running for cover and firing back at the rebels. For the most part, the gunner smartly fires in short, controlled bursts and manages to get rounds to impact very near the distant troops.

Suddenly, a soldier comes running full tilt down the hill face, and it actually appears that he takes a 700+ grain anti material bullet through the head as his body just goes limp and flops down the slope.

The gunner continues with the heavy fire and smoke begins to rise from the target area as the armor piercing incendiary rounds set fire to the Syrian troops’ structures and equipment. Before the video ends, the heavy machine gun has a failure to fire, and as the operator attempts to perform immediate action, a round unintentionally fires down range.

The 1st Coastal Division ran a relatively successful campaign against the Assad regime according to multiple internet video uploads. They were among the “vetted” rebel groups that received material support from the US, including BGM-71 TOW missiles.

In fact, one of their CIA-trained TOW operators, Abu Hamza, became an internet celebrity within the combat footage community for a couple months, and was dubbed “King of the TOW” because he had an awesome mullet haircut and made dozens of kills on varying regime targets, including laterally speeding vehicles. Abu Hamza was reportedly killed in a Russian airstrike in late 2015.

In early 2016, the 1st Coastal Division temporarily joined the likes of Nusra (al Qaeda), Ahrar ash Sham, and other hardline jihadist groups in an offensive against Syrian government positions. Yet, in 2017, they signed the “Geneva Call’s” agreement to protect children in war zones and forbid their fighters from engaging in sex crimes. Which just goes to show: every bad boy has his soft side.