Lone Soldier Versus TOW Missile

first published on February 10, 2016 by

A lone soldier guarding an ammo tent near Latakia, Syria ends up on the receiving end of a North Division TOW missile strike.

They say overkill is under-rated, but when you’re getting free TOW missiles from the CIA, there is no other way. This is yet another great example of the FSA wasting resources on soft targets of opportunity that could be dealt with differently.

Leave it to the FSA to waste a perfectly good anti-tank missile, that costs almost 60 grand, on a single soldier. They could have just as easily flanked this position, ambushed the soldier, and captured the alleged ammo cache. Instead, they fired a missile into it, failed to kill the soldier, and waste all of the ammunition inside.

Lone Soldier Survives

This is an absolutely perfect demonstration of the wasteful use of donated supplies. It might be time we pull back the support, and limit it to just units being directly trained by our ground teams in the area.


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