Lone Soldier Stands His Ground: Holds Off An Entire Squad

first published on August 14, 2017 by

Video alleging to show a lone SAA soldier fending off multiple attacks by a squad size element or larger. This funnel gets fatal quickly when small arms, grenades, and an overwhelming desire to survive blindside these inept Jihadis.

A Jihadist element attempts a frontal assault on a multi-storied building along the exterior wall and through the front door. The first few fighters unwisely expose themselves in the front entry way, tipping their hand to the defender inside. Grenades and small arms begin to light up the entry, briefly cutting the disorganized group in two. The now separated fighters are pushed to the flanks with grenades following the smaller group as they hug the exterior wall, scrambling for cover. The larger group begins suppressing the second story before regrouping and inching back towards the fatal funnel.

At this point in the video, a series of edits from the original make tracking the exact details and timeline a bit hazier. However, it appears to show them making a second entry attempt which results in another failure; as several wounded can be seen frantically hobbling away. Reeling from the second failed attempt, the Jihadists then slam the second story with back-to-back RPGs at point blank range. Followed by a larger third assault, equipped with a litter to recover the previously wounded and trapped fighters.

Once in the choke point, this group is met with intense small arms fire and multiple impacts can be seen at their feet. Though they make it inside, they don’t appear to establish a true foothold inside the building and roughly ten fighters can be observed impotently standing against the wall unable to exploit the entry. Now trapped inside the building with support only able to suppress the second story, several fighters run from the building and eventually others are carried out. It appears as if the fighting continues until the very end of the video and the fate of the defender remains unclear.


It’s hard to tell if the lone defender narrative is accurate in this case – Or simply the result of excited propaganda. It is entirely possible that a lone, motivated, and well-armed soldier finding himself backed into a corner (both figuratively and literally), of a concrete building could thwart an undisciplined and poorly coordinated assault. Remaining in the rear of the fortified building or positioning himself on the stairway landings between stories, he could easily avoid suppression while maintaining cover and the high ground. It is also possible, that several soldiers were initially trapped and slowly picked off throughout the prolonged siege. Then easily relabeled into a heroic lone survivor or martyr themed conclusion. Either way, the defender (or defenders), certainly bog down this Jihadi rabble in this close-quarters fight by refusing to quit and throw away their lives so easily. Highlighting the stark contrast between soldiers who wish to live, and Jihadists who wish to die.