Lizzy McGuire Actress Graduates Basic Training

first published on July 8, 2019 by

Carly Schroeder, the actress who played the character Melina Bianco in the Disney Channel’s Lizzy McGuire series has just graduated Army basic training at Ft. Jackson.

lizzy mcguire

Schroeder signed up as an a 09S Commissioned Officer Candidate and will now attend 12 weeks of tactical and leadership training at Ft. Benning to become an Army officer.

“The most difficult thing has to be between the ruck marches and food,” Schroeder said in a article. “Before I came here I was vegan.”

Schroeder began acting at the age of six and has built quite an impressive filmography. She is credited in 16 movies and had appeared regularly in various television series.

The following video shows Schroeder engaged in civilian pistol training.


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