Improvised Insurgent Weapon Lights Insurgent on Fire

first published on July 30, 2017 by

An insurgent fighter from Al-Qaeda in Iraq attempts to fire an improvised weapon system. The system works, but also sets the insurgent on fire.


Insurgencies are the most difficult thing in warfare to fight in the current state of conflict. The way that the insurgent fights allows him to blend in with the local populace, and cause the larger military power he is fighting to question their every action. In the larger military’s hesitance to act on information, due to the misinformation and the insurgent’s ability to blend in, he is able to act and cause mass amounts of chaos. while some insurgencies are extremely effective, the evolution of military tactics has made the life of an insurgent much more difficult.

As Military super powers develop weapons and defensive systems that allow them to defeat the lesser equipped insurgencies, insurgents are forced to adapt. This adaption generally comes in the form of improvisation, as they are less equipped and funded. Sometimes when these groups improvise, things do not turn out as they had initially planned. This has a tendency to end in disaster for the insurgents, which in turn is a usually a pretty hilarious victory for the military super power combating the insurgency.

In the video below, we have a great example of one of these improvised weapon systems failing. While the system itself is an extremely reliable set of IRAM rockets, the delivery method leaves a lot to be desired. The intent was clearly to pull the weapon systems into a concealed location without American air power spotting the system. For this, they rigged the IRAM launch system up on the inside of the back of a garbage truck, and then covered the rockets in garbage. This did allow the insurgents to move their weapons to their launch destination without a hitch, but when triggered the weapon system left a lot to be desired for the operator of the garbage truck.

When the ignition kicks off, the blast caused by the rockets catches the entire back of the trash vehicle on fire. The end result is that this improvisation didn’t work, and the AQI insurgent was served first at his own barbecue.


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