Libyan Rebel Tanker Gets Killed By Massive Malfunction In Ancient Tank

first published on January 12, 2017 by

Libyan Rebels suffer a catastrophic malfunction inside of one of their tanks resulting in a Rebel with very bad rag doll physics.

One of the downsides to being a rebel fighter that is trying to overthrow your government is the lack of outside funding that actually makes it to the front lines. Troops in the higher echelon funnel millions of dollars into their own pockets, while supplying the fighters on the ground with sub standard, and sometimes ancient equipment that is destined to fail.

This video is an example of that fact. Rebel fighters, attacking Gaddafi loyalist troops in Libya, suffer a catastrophic malfunction inside one of their tanks. The resulting explosion sends the make-shift tank commander flying through the air in a manner that would make you say “This game has terrible rag doll physics,” if it were a video game.

It’s not a video game however, this is real life, and this guy got chewed up and spit out by faulty equipment.


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