The Legend of Francis Warren – MoH Recipient Turned Politician

first published on March 5, 2019 by

F.E. Warren Air Force Base is named after an absolute legend of an infantryman turned businessman turned politician. This is is his story.

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America was founded, and built by men of legendary caliber. Francis Warren is one of those men, earning the Medal of Honor during the Civil War, and earning his place in both business and politics. A progressive individual for his time, he was notorious for standing up for Chinese immigrants who were working on the railroad systems, being the first senator to hire a female staffer, and was instrumental in funding the American efforts during the First World War.

His medal of honor citation, which is ridiculously down-played simply reads:

Date of issue: 30 September 1893. Citation: Volunteered in response to a call, and took part in the movement that was made upon the enemy’s works under a heavy fire therefrom in advance of the general assault.

It doesn’t do the actual story justice though. In reality, Warren was the lone survivor from his platoon after the entire group was destroyed by artillery fire. In spite of serious wounds to his head and body, and being the lone survivor from his now destroyed platoon, he pushed the assault by himself and destroyed Confederate artillery positions which allowed other units to continue their advance.

The video below was made by Austin Smith and comes to us courtesy of the 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs. It is a detailed and narrated slide show summarizing the life of Francis E. Warren. If you would like to read more about Francis Warren’s life, you can do so by following this link. It is interesting how little history was recorded about men like this, who built the country with their own two hands and lead the United States to its current wealthy state.