Lebanon Crushes Islamic State Fighters With Laser Guided Copperheads

first published on February 7, 2018 by

Members of the Islamic State find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place as Hezbollah takes them from behind, and Lebanon crushes them with vastly superior firepower. New aerial footage from an operation that took place in August of 2017 shows the Islamic State being absolutely shredded by the superior weapon systems and firepower of the Lebanese military. Laser guided copperhead missiles, and extreme amounts of artillery are expended to push them directly back into the clutches of the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah.

lebanon isis guided

It is strangely satisfying to watch the Islamic State get dominated. That’s why when we heard that the Lebanese military had just released the aerial footage of them dominating the Islamic State with artillery and laser guided missiles from back in 2017, we rushed to the internet to find it for you. In the video at the bottom of this post, following a brief Black Rifle Coffee Company advertisement that may blow out your ear-drums, you’ll get to see fresh footage of ISIS getting absolutely hammered on. Someone should tell the Islamic State that even though love is hard, they’re making it harder by being extremist psychopaths.

If you would like to skip the background on the situation, which will be explained in a few paragraphs below this line, go ahead and scroll to the bottom and let’s get right into it. If you want to know exactly why the Lebanese military was bombing the hell out of the Islamic State, continue reading. We won’t judge you either way, part of the reason this job is awesome is because we get to find the best explosions and combat footage. Context and the preservation of history is the name of the game, but explosions are pretty awesome too. Especially when its someone as easy to hate as ISIS getting wrecked.

lebanon soldiers

In late 2017 the government of Lebanon conducted an operation to push the Islamic State out of their country. The terror organization was making bold moves that were in fact, an attempt to gain a foothold in the country of Lebanon so they could conduct further follow on operations. Seeing this, and knowing that Hezbollah and the Syrian Arab Army were tight on their heels inside of Syria, Lebanon launched a large scale military operation to interdict their combat operations immediately. This operation was called “Dawn of the Jurds”

This operation was conducted with two objectives at the end of the road. The first objective was to push the Islamic State back into Syria, and into the clutches of Hezbollah. The second purpose of the mission was to secure the Lebanon-Syria border, and ensure that terror organizations like ISIS and Hezbollah would not be able to use the front to force the on-going conflict to spill over into their territory. After several weeks of fighting, the mission was a decisive success, and the Lebanese military came out on top.

One Lebanese commander was quoted as saying, “If the confidence in our country has become more distinct and the hope of a wider relief even clearer, many challenges and difficulties remain ahead and are mainly embodied by the Israeli enemy that keeps plotting and scheming against our country at the southern border and by terrorist cells that may emerge whenever the opportunity arises. Therefore, I urge you to lie in wait for these dangers ready to perform whatever your military duty may call you to do to defend the Lebanese border and every last bit of the country‚Äôs land.”


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