The Last Thing You Hear Before A Wire Guided Missile Kills You

first published on January 22, 2017 by

The wire-guided missile has become a staple in the Syrian Civil war over the past two years. This is the last thing you hear when it kills you. As a result of the weapon system’s immense success in the on-going conflict in Syria, every small rebel faction and terrorist organization has been picking them up on the black market. It is only a matter of time until our own troops start dealing with this threat up-close and personal. I predict, that in our next large scale combat operation against terrorism, the ATGM will become the next improvised explosive device.

ATGM Konkurs

Over the past two years, we have watched a startling number of successful ATGM strikes being conducted by Syrian Rebels and extremist factions. They started off primarily being TOW strikes, supplied by the United States of America to vetted rebel groups like the 13th Coastal Division. Slowly, as their successful operations became more prominent throughout Syria, we started seeing other ATGM strikes pop-up. Konkurs missile systems, 9k111 Fagot missile systems, and yet even more TOW missiles still were being fired off at the cyclic rate and posted to YouTube.

In an older blog post, we discussed how the Syrian rebel groups were actually attaining the TOW systems from the CIA. You can read that story here, but for those who don’t want to, we’ll do a quick recap. In order to get a TOW missile, the rebels had to show up at an undisclosed CIA base with video evidence of the usage of one of their weapon systems, and proof that it was used on an intended target. After verification, the vetted rebels would receive replacement TOW missiles paid for on the U.S. tax payers dime. Here is where things get dicey though, who knows if they only replaced the missiles that were fired, and not the ones that were captured, or “lost.”

To put more icing on the cake, most of these vetted rebel groups would post their success to social media, and YouTube as propaganda to show how powerful and dangerous they are. Once the word started to spread, every other organization started to buy up cheaper versions of the TOW on the black market. Effectively creating an ATGM surplus all throughout Syria, which has since spread to places like Iraq, Yemen, and even Libya.


A pro-active military that is preparing for the next conflict would be wise to take note of this on-going ATGM trend, and begin to develop tactics, techniques, and procedures to defeat it now. If you spend all of your time training for the previous war, you will not be prepared for the next one. The improvised explosive device caught everyone off-guard when they first started to be used. It took many lessons, paid for in blood, before proper tactics and techniques were developed to deal with them in a manner that some-what minimized the risk they posed to troops on the ground.

Like the CIA’s fiasco with the 600 missing stinger missile systems in Afghanistan, we could be seeing a repeat of history with TOW missiles. Even if we aren’t specifically seeing a repeat of that, there has been a serious increase in black market demand for ATGM weapon systems throughout the Middle East, specifically within terror organizations that pose a threat to Western Civilizations. We would be doing well to prepare for this threat now, before we are forced to pay for it in blood as we did with the IED.

For those of you that are curious, we have logged probably north of 100 TOW strikes on our webpage. A majority of these strikes show the tactics, techniques, and procedures of the groups who you may find yourself fighting in the future. You can find most of them simply by searching the words “ATGM” or “Missile,” with our webpage search tool. Alternatively you can also check the Explosions and Combat sub-section of the webpage where you will be able to navigate to many of them. These videos are hosted on our open source platform. You are free to right click any of them, and download them to your personal hard drive for distribution at your units. If you are having any issues with this, please feel free to contact the page admins in the Facebook private group for Funker530 followers. We will assist you.

On that note, we will leave you with the last sound you hear before an ATGM kills you. Have a nice day.


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