ISIS Fighters Fleeing Mosul Are Hunted Down And Destroyed From Above

first published on July 18, 2017 by

Members of Iraq’s aviation unit conduct strikes against the last ISIS fighters who are trying to flee Mosul by the Tigris River.

As Iraq claims victory in Mosul, ISIS tries to flee the scene of their heinous crimes against humanity. As they retreat, attempting to use the Tigris river as their main egress route, members of the Iraqi Aviation Unit conduct targeted strikes against them. They can run, but they’ll only die tired.

This exploitation of the retreating enemy was done to ensure that the group would not be able to fully regroup after their loss. The objective is to prevent any sort of hard counter-attack from the terror group, as they would more than likely regroup and start conducting guerrilla operations in the area to harass reconstruction efforts by the Iraqi people.


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