Large ISIS Retreat Looks Like A Turkey Shoot

first published on November 9, 2015 by

Shia fighters enjoy a turkey shoot, while ISIS fighters retreat in the open.

These members of ISIS are caught in a conundrum they clearly were not prepared for. As advancing Shia forces push them out of territory they previously controlled, they are quickly taught a lesson in combined arms. They look like a bunch of confused turkeys as they retreat in the open, through machine gun fire.

This is an outstanding display of the exploitation phase of combat. These Shia fighters pushed ISIS out of a territory they controlled. ISIS however was not prepared to exit the area, and this is clearly apparent as they run through the open with zero cover. Shia fighters respond in a completely conventional way, they annihilate the retreating troops in the open with accurate machine gun, and mortar fire.

Turkey Shoot Exploitation

Exploitation is the final phase of any true conventional infantry attack. The purpose of the exploitation phase is to do further damage to your enemy as they retreat. This is done by pursuit by fire, and continuation of the attack. This is done to further induce shock on your enemy, and make it harder for them to regroup, and conduct a proper counter attack.


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