Large Cluster of Insurgents Learn About the JDAM

first published on December 14, 2017 by

An F16 flying close air support near Fallujah spots 30+ insurgents in the open while he searches for enemy strongholds and movement.

Insurgents Explode

In the earlier stages of the Iraq War, members of groups like Al Qaeda in Iraq and the Mahdi Army didn’t fully understand or appreciate the air power flying above them. It would take them some time, and quite a few instances like the video you are about to witness before they actually started to respect the coalition’s air superiority.

During the video you are about to see, a group of insurgents is moving between positions during a firefight. They have been spotted by UAV surveillance, and an F16 moves in for the kill. As the pilot spots the fighters, he radios up requesting permission to fire. He is granted permission to eliminate the threat, and he drops a single JDAM into the crowd of clustered fighters.

While the exact scenario of the video seems to remain constantly in question, there are rumors that the insurgents had a squad sized element of Marines pinned down inside of a house and these insurgents were maneuvering on them. If anyone knows the exact full story and context to this video, please shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] so that I can update this blog post with more accurate information.


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