Marine Lieutenants Face Discharge After Cheating at Land Navigation

first published on August 8, 2018 by

Six Marine Lieutenants are currently facing administrative discharge after allegations of cheating on the land navigation course during what the Marines call The Basic School.

Land Navigation

Six Marine Second Lieutenants are currently facing administrative expulsion from the United States Marine Corps after allegations been brought forward stating that they cheated on the land navigation course at the Marine Corps Officer Training school known as The Basic School. Marine Corps Training and Education Command (TECOM) said in an e-mail to the Marine Corps Times that the six men were being processed out of the United States Marine Corps for misconduct during training while aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia.

The Basic School is the first place that newly minted Marine Officers and Warrant Officers are sent in order to learn the basic requirement of a Marine Corps Officer. Each year the course puts 1,700 fresh officers through their training program which requires that Marine Officers complete 26 weeks of intense training that is broken down into four separate phases. Each phase teaches a set of basic infantry skills to the new officers that allows them to act as rifle platoon leaders first, before they are shipped off to their officer training pipeline for their specific MOS.

Officers that go the Infantry route then attend a secondary school known as the Infantry Officer’s Course.

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