Kurds Brazenly Raid Turkish Army Traffic Checkpoint

first published on September 19, 2019 by

A video from the HPG Kurdish separatists shows a brazen daylight attack using speed, surprise, and violence of action against a Turkish military traffic checkpoint.

 traffic checkpoint

According to the video source, the assault took place on July 26, 2019 near Hedit village in the Silopi district of ┼×─▒rnak Province in Turkey’s Southeastern Anatolia Region, near the borders of Iraq and Syria.

From the video we can see a group of the Kurdish insurgents approaching the traffic control point disguised as regular commuter traffic. Heavily armed fighters lay concealed in the bed of the pickup waiting to strike. They travel behind a large truck, which helps to overwhelm and distract the guard from focusing on their vehicle.

As the assault pickup reaches the target, the cameraman fighter in the front passenger seat initiates the attack by engaging the lone Turkish guard with an AK. The guard drops to the ground and is finished off with additional shots.

Additional cameras worn by other attackers shows the militants engaging with rockets from the bed of the truck. The first rocket, an RPG, is fired at the Turkish armored vehicle, which is a wise choice. The armored truck and its mounted weapon system may have been manned by an unseen soldier who could quickly end the attack. The RPG blast would likely keep the occupants, if present, hunkered down, and depending on the location of the hit, may have rendered the mounted weapon or truck useless to engage or chase the attack team after the assault.

In a surprise move, the next rocket fired is none other than an American-made AT-4. This time the rocketeer fires into the housing units that are likely used by the Turkish troops for barracks, dining, and administration purposes. Meanwhile, the other HPG fighters spray small arms fire into the dwellings to suppress and possibly kill additional troops.

In true HPG hit-and-run fashion, the attackers quickly recover into the vehicle and make their escape before Turkish reinforcements or attack aircraft can arrive to the traffic checkpoint.


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