Kurds Absolutely Wreck Pro Turkish Mercenaries In Afrin

first published on August 8, 2019 by

A video coming out of the Afrin region of Syria, and released by YPG Kurds, reportedly shows an Aug. 5, 2019 deadly raid and subsequent booby trap attack on pro-Turkish proxy forces.


The video appears to show YPG Kurds sneaking to within a few meters of unsuspecting Salafist mercenaries at a makeshift outpost. The Kurds open fire, dropping one of the fighters immediately. Another Turkish proxy troop makes a run for it, but is cut down by small arms fire in seconds. The Kurds fire a rocket for good measure.

The YPG militants loot the small encampment, taking weapons, ammo, and keeping an eye out for useable intelligence like maps and schedules. They also leave behind a surprise for the first responders in the form of a command detonated IED.

The video then shows a truck load of Pro Turkish militants arriving on the scene to aid any survivors and secure the area. The Kurds patiently wait for the swarm of jihadists to enter the encampment, and as their enemy amasses on the objective, they detonate the device, killing more.


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