Kurds Popping Jihadi Melons With Thermal Riflescope

first published on November 2, 2017 by

A video released by the Kurdish YPG in Afrin shows the engagement of Turkish-backed militants with the aid of a thermal riflescope.

thermal riflescope

The YPG reportedly targeted an outpost held by the Hamza Brigade in village of Qimara on October 16, 2018. They alleged that four “terrorists” were killed in this operation and another three were wounded.

They listed names of three of the killed enemy militants as: Abdullah al-Mar’i, Mohammad Soulaiman and Abu Yaqoob Hamza.

This isn’t the first time the YPG has released a video of attacks using a thermal riflescope. The month prior to this, they released a similar video, likely using the exact weapon-optic combination and engaged enemy combatants. In that video, the Turkish-backed militants were so confused, they began shooting at each other.

No information has been released on the source of the optic, whether it be military or consumer grade. It is possible that they looted it in a previous operation.