Kurds Fail To Defeat ISIS Car Bomb Without Proper Equipment

first published on June 23, 2016 by

A Kurdish YPG position is absolutely steam-rolled by an ISIS car bomb because they don’t have the equipment that they need to defeat armored vehicles.

I’m going to stand on my soap-box for a minute. Stay with me here.

Why does this video even exist? Why am I watching the YPG, our allies fighting ISIS, get steam-rolled by a Daesh car bomb because they don’t have the equipment they need?

Why, in the same day, am I going to see CIA backed moderate rebels fire eight TOW missiles at small groups of unprotected Syrian troops?

Let’s get serious here for a moment. It’s time that we as a nation take a step-back and really look at what we are doing. We need to analyze all parties involved in this mess, and realize that there are certain groups that we should actually be supporting. A couple of those groups just happen to be the Kurdish Peshmerga, and Kurdish YPG.

This video never should have happened. Those Kurds should have been able to launch a TOW or Javelin off of the rooftop and absolutely annihilate the Daesh car bomb long before it was able to get close to them.