Kurds Pull Off a Violent & Close-Range Daytime Raid on Turkish Outpost

first published on May 12, 2019 by

Kurdish fighters pull off a violent daytime raid conducted against a vulnerable Turkish outpost set on a hilltop. The Kurds kill several soldiers at close-range during the raid before making off with a number of weapons and gear.

At least three fighters of the Kurdish People’s Defense Forces (HPG) slowly advance towards a small outpost occupied by an unknown number of Turkish troops. On what appears to be a beautiful spring day, they creep through the intermittent rocks surrounding the position and maneuver to within just a few meters of the first bunker. Initiating the attack with a rocket fired at near point-blank range, they leap into action and begin hitting the spread-out positions with grenades and small-arms fire.

Unfortunately, during this video the GoPro’s worn by the HPG fighters become somewhat covered by dust and partially obscure the events. However, after the first redoubt is eliminated, they begin suppressing on a second bunker to their flank while one fighter quickly advances. Approaching from the rear he then kills several defenders after a quick and close-range exchange of gunfire. He grabs some weapons and equipment before the whole team begins to hurriedly withdraw from the outpost. The entire raid only lasts a few minutes.


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