Kurds Brutally Ambush Jihadists In Syria

first published on March 17, 2020 by

A video released by the Afrin Defense Forces (HRE), a Kurdish group operating in the Aleppo governorate of northern Syria, shows a deadly, close-quarters ambush against Salafist militants.


The video source describes the targeted enemy fighters as “mercenaries,” so it isn’t clear if they are operating as Turkish Free Syrian Army (TFSK) or Hyat Tahrir ash Sham (al Qaeda in Syria), or some other Sunni group.

From the video we are able to see the Kurdish HRE fighters stealthily infiltrate to within a few meters of the unsuspecting militants. One attacker opens fire, hitting a couple of his targets. A wounded insurgent attempts to flee to cover in the other direction, but only comes face to face with another element of HRE fighters. He is ended quickly.


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