Kurds and A-10 Warthogs Kill Dozens Of ISIS During Failed Offensive

first published on February 28, 2016 by

Islamic State fighters have withdrawn from the city of Tal Abyad on the Syria/Turkey border after a failed offensive in which hundreds of heavily-armed ISIS fighters were allowed to cross from Turkey’s tight-guarded border into Syria without obstruction. Both Russian and Kurdish forces are reporting that the ISIS offensive was supported by heavy Turkish artillery, reports which have been denied by Turkey, and totally ignored by the U.S.


The Islamic State attempted a two-prong attack (From Turkey and Raqqa) on the border town and was promptly met with a violet Kurdish YPG and PYD response, supported with U.S. airstrikes that included at least 10 bombs as well as A-10 strafing runs. As few as 45 ISIS fighters have been reportedly killed, while Kurdish forces suffered around 20 casualties.

This recent, failed ISIS offensive seems to be a desperate move, coming just days after the YPG and Syrian Democratic Forces, led by U.S. “advisors,” liberated the logistically important town of Shaddadi, which basically cuts ISIS off from their main Mosul supply lines into Raqqa and oil shipments going out.