Kurdish Women Slamming ISIS Controlled Positions

first published on December 12, 2015 by

This Kurdish combat mashup, showcases the women of the YPJ in combat against ISIS, and they are extremely effective.

The women of the YPJ are some of the most feared, and respected fighters in the war against Daesh. They have picked up weapons, and decided that enough is enough.

They’re effectiveness is two-fold. Not only do they bring much needed (wo)manpower to the battlefield for the Kurds, but they also strike fear into the heart of Daesh. This is primarily because Daesh fighters believe that if they are killed by a woman in combat, they will not be granted access to their twisted version of heaven.

Yekîneyên Parastina Jin (YPJ) stands for the Women’s Protection Unit. They were established in 2012 in order to support their brothers in the YPG, and assist in keeping the Syrian Civil War from spilling over into what they consider their territory.

Kurdish Women Technical

Since their establishment they have seen combat in 14 major Kurdish offensives against ISIS, to include Aleppo, Kobani, and Sinjar. Keep up the good work ladies, we’re all rooting for you to crack as many Daesh-bag skulls as possible.


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