Close Quarters: Kurdish Militants Hammer Turkish Outpost In Northern Iraq

first published on March 18, 2019 by

Kurdish militants representing HPG and YJA Star conduct a brutal attack on a Turkish outpost in northern Iraq on March 16, 2019.

turkish outpost

The PKK affiliated rebels infiltrate a small infantry force undetected into close proximity of the hilltop outpost. Once they are in position, a support by fire element initiates the attack from further away with an anti tank guided missile.

The ground team moves in on foot across an open area with little to no cover. Had the Turkish troops been pulling any kind of security, the infiltrators would have been cut down in seconds. Instead, the Kurds get into the perimeter and right up against their enemy’s fighting positions.

The begin throwing grenades into the compound, and one grenade detonation sends a Turkish service rifle flying.

The Turkish troops don’t appear to realize their adversaries are inside their outer perimeter. The helmet cam of on of the Kurds shows a Turkish soldier inches above him firing over his head. The Kurd point blank shoots the Turkish soldier in the arm. The wounded solder can be heard screaming in pain.

They use the cover of a final ATGM to break contact. In HPG fashion, they quickly exfiltrate to avoid taking unnecessary casualties and before Turkish reinforcements or close air support can arrive.


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