Kurdish Fighters Carry Out Hit-and-Run Raid on Turkish Observation Post

first published on February 8, 2019 by

A medieval looking military Observation Post (OP), purportedly in western Turkey is raided by Kurdish People’s Defense Forces (HPG). The video documents the coordinated daylight attack on the unsuspecting Turkish soldiers, as the Kurds suppress the OP and make a grueling “buddy rush” across several hundred meters of open ground.

An isolated Turkish OP, closely resembling a medieval watchtower but outfitted with a solar array and modern FLIR cameras, becomes the subject of a violent hit and run raid by HPG fighters purportedly in western Turkey. The Kurds emplace an elevated support-by-fire position in the mountains above the OP and stage a small assault team several hundred meters across the valley. Roughly a squad sized element of Turkish troops unwearyingly lounges around the solidly built stone tower and defensive bunkers accompanied by a pack of dogs.

The Kurds initiate the assault with an RPG fired right into the cluster of exposed soldiers. The explosion and simultaneous machine-gun fire scatters the soldiers (and dogs) and they desperately scramble for cover. With the Turks now hunkered down in their defensive positions, the Kurdish assault team begins its lengthy “buddy rush” across the rocky valley.

The Kurds fire and maneuver down into the valley, crossing the expanse and up the opposing side; advancing to the rocky outcropping just below the OP. They then slowly navigate the ankle-breaking final stretch to within just a few meters of the tower. Arriving within grenade range, the HPG fighters coordinate via radio with the supporting positions and the fighters toss several hand grenades while firing point-blank into the small portholes.

Unseen by the video, at least one grenade finds its way into the OP and detonates with a concussive fireball. Likely deciding they have inflicted enough deadly damage on the Turkish troops already, the two Kurdish fighters break off the attack and quickly withdraw under cover fire.


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