Kurdish Security Forces Prevent Bombing in al-Tabqa

first published on September 6, 2017 by

YPG Anti-Terror Units (YAT) prevent bombing of a busy market in al-Tabqa, Syria, arresting the would-be Islamic State bomber in the recently liberated town and exposing the growing insurgency.

prevent bombing

The recently released video begins with the suspect already on the ground and being hastily removed by purported Kurdish YAT. Aggressively separating him from a suspicious bag, he’s dragged off to an awaiting van while civilians are pushed back and hurried out of the area. With the danger to civilians properly cordoned, they quickly sweep the area for secondaries, and finally expose the explosive contents of the burlap bag. A small, homemade bomb, weighing only a few pounds is removed and placed on the pavement. The video concludes with a ballsy Kurd taking a knee, and casually attempting to disarm the bomb.

prevent bombing

The source information on this incident is a bit unclear about the origins of the operation. It may have been a hasty op, in which they diligently responded to suspicious behavior on the part of the bomber. However, there’s also a possibility that this was a part of a larger ongoing counter-terrorism operation being conducted by YAT in the recently liberated city. With the Islamic State losing ground across Iraq and Syria, they will increasingly depend upon insurgent tactics to disrupt their adversaries. An aggressive counter-insurgency campaign and operations such as this one, will continue to grow in importance in the months and years to come.


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